Wedding Videographer Cheshire

My professional wedding videography services have took me around the world to amazing places. Overseas to countries such as Italy, Spain, France and much more. Wedding videography in Cheshire provides some outstanding filming and has so much natural beauty to make for great footage.

I have been lucky enough to witness the joining of 2 people declaring their undying love for each other in a variety of different settings. It truly has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to meeting so many more couples doing the same thing.

My videography services are also offered along side Cheshire wedding photographers Leonardo Photography Studios. What this means for you is if you need a photographer as well we can often offer a cheaper solution. 

Why choose videography?

We guarantee our video service will provide you everything you wished for on your magical day. We work in a way not to disrupt this special moment for you whilst getting those perfect wedding highlights. The essence of video is to capture those moments a photo can’t. There are magical times during your wedding. This is where video can capture what you can’t see. Happiness, people laughing and dancing. This is why videography for me is a must, a way to engrain a perfect moment in your life in a wedding film.

How do you book?

My wedding videography services in Cheshire can be booked by getting in touch with us today via our contact form and after a short chat we can get you booked in. You don’t need to worry about anything else. We will get in touch with you closer to the time to ensure all the details are correct.

Following the wedding day I’ll get to work taking the hours and hours of video. Chopping and changing clips to produce a wedding highlight video as well as your ceremony and speech video. It’s my job to make your moment live forever in video.


Do you offer videography services outside of Cheshire?
Yes – to put it simply my services are available across the UK and Europe, however Cheshire is my home county

What is offered in your packages?
To find out more see our services page, however if something there doesn’t suit your needs please get in touch and I can arrange a bespoke package

How long do you video for on the wedding day?
My aim is to satisfy the needs of the client. For the best results I recommend a full day including getting ready, doing make up, pre-event drinks. This allows for a full and encapsulating wedding video